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I was completely overpowered by Domina Kim's beauty as soon as I entered her studio. Getting on my knees and kissing her beautiful feet was so natural that I didn't have to say a word. It was a wonderful experience all around, and I enjoyed an interesting conversation afterwards with this very smart and charming lady. Her aftercare treatment is outstanding. My only regret is not having been able to stay with her for a few more hours.
It was a fantastic time! Kim is very nice, so any fears you may have are unfounded! It was the most intense experience I had ever had. After that, my legs were really weak and my head was foggy. The climax was never so intense - pressure and heat built up, and the discharge felt like a big bang. ``Surely this is Kim's universe``, I thought.
Kim knew how to build up desire - she played with me and I tried to control myself. Not a chance! Kim makes your balls explode as easily as popping a soap bubble. As a precaution, she locked me in a chastity cage. It was probably for my own good. I was about to explode when she whispered ``Keep it in``.
At that point, I began to despair. I trembled with lust, desperate to cum, but I knew it wasn't my decision. I felt helpless. Kim strapped me down - no escape! It was not something I wanted to do either - I felt secure in her dominance.
Space and time have merged, focusing now on one point: me! Her dominance is based on psychic sophistication. Five minutes earlier, I said, ``I'm the man``. Kim held a strapon and me in a chastity cage as we stood before a mirror. She whispered, ``Who is the man?``. My mind was battered and I knew that even my mom couldn't help anymore.
At the same time, I felt confused but safe. Kim knows what she's doing, so just be yourself!
I gave her the script, and she turned it into a blockbuster. You only live once, so give it a try!
M. Z.
Lady Kim ist eine Domina aus Leidenschaft. Man vergisst unter ihren Händen das konventionelle Rollenbild von Frau und Mann. Im Spiegel ihrer wilden Natur erleben die Männer die Urgewalt, die sie in der Gesellschaft nie zeigen dürfen. Der Besuch bei der geheimnisvollen Kim ist es wert!
Hab sie jetzt schon mehrere Male besucht und mir wegen dem neuen Domina Trend den die meisten Damen einschlagen nicht dazu viel erwartet. Wurde jedoch wahnsinnig positiv überrascht. Sie weiß auf jeden Fall was sie macht und es scheint so als hätte sie richtig viel Spaß an der Sache. Und war nach unserem WhatsApp Gespräch definitiv individuell auf mich vorbereitet. Meine persönliche Vorliebe ist der psychologische, tiefe und fantasiereiche Aspekt. Tease Denial, Humiliation, Roleplay, Cuckolding Fantasien, Sissy training. Und ich kann euch nur sagen dass sie mir damit definitiv einen ordentlichen Brainfuck verpasst hat. Ihre Stimme ist ein Wahnsinn und dringt ein wie ein Bohrer. Sie weiß welche Knöpfe sie drücken muss. Das ging soweit dass ich die Session schon fast abbrechen musste und zwar nicht aus Schmerzen, sondern aus Angst den Verstand zu verlieren. Ich habe schon Erfahrungen mit mehreren Damen die diese Sparte anbieten und erspar mir jetzt auch sämtliche Vergleiche. Aber das hier ist ein Geheimtipp und definitiv unterbewertet.
I went to see Kim and it was the best experience I ever had. I am a total novice in this so I was quite nervous when I arrived but she was wonderful putting me at ease. She is extremely beautiful and super nice, listening to everything you have to say and catering to all your needs. She will definitely tailor the session to your level of experience and expertise. In summary, the session was truly wonderful, well beyond my expectations, and I hope I can see her again soon. Beautiful, caring and wonderful person, inside out….
I felt the pleasure of life under Domina Kim’s feet. I got to know the elegant lady sometime ago and since then I have become more submissive serving her with all of my time with no regrets! After few sessions with the goddess she managed to possess my soul and I can’t be any happier.
Before meeting Kim, I had some experiences in the FemDom area. Most of them were okay, some of them were great actually, but it didn't really click in a way that made me want to return. It all changed when I first saw Kim. I always had a great time communicating with her. She likes to prepare very individual experiences for her clients, if you give her the opportunity to do so. We clarified all the details beforehand.
The fact that she is gorgeous and smokin' hot enhances some of her playstyles (that I especially like). Her eyes, her voice, and her attitude are even more impressive. The way she looks deep into your eyes and the way her voice goes right through your ears just messes with your brain. Depending on the scenarios (sometimes cruel), her laugh contributes greatly.
Thanks to the trust we had built, we tried something I had never dared to try before, something pretty radical and mind-blowing. What she does is clearly fun for her, and she loves it. She gets really into it and you can feel it. I've never experienced it like that, just losing yourself in the play and fully enjoying it. To sum it up, she is someone you should experience if you are into FemDom.