Tease and Denial: the Art of Edging

What if I preferred to keep you in chastity, would that be unkind of me? But you already know that I am skilled in the art of TEASE and DENIAL, don’t you? Moreover, you have admitted that you like it when you are teased and denied.

“The thrill of the forbidden?

There's nothing to match that."

(Oscar Wilde,  The Picture of Dorian Gray)
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There is something alluring about denied things, and that is their mystery. The deeper you delve into them, the more intoxicating they become. You see, it’s like that mystery that triggers and teases your submissive side so strongly that it overwhelms your need for control.

What you want is someone who is a true dominatrix and can handle you. And that’s me.
You’ll experience the glory of my dominance once you submit to me The attention I give you will make you addicted. I will enslave your heart while consuming your senses at the same time.

My Tease and Denial sessions will leave you craving them so intensely

that you might even surrender your soul to me.


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That Seductive Whisper.....

The lure of my whispers entices your mind. Let my voice pierce your brain and rewrite your life path. A glance in my eyes will unhinge your senses and bind your heart to mine.

Whenever I command you in that insanely sexy and dominating way you will drool with desire to obey me immediately and forever.

It won’t be long before lust overrides reason, and all your efforts will be devoted to pleasing me.


Your Fantasy

Bonds and insatiable longings will be your constant companions as I tempt and seduce you. It will be so irresistible that you will want me to tie you down, tease you, and drive you insane.

In small, tight, painful sessions, you will suffer the torture of being teased and denied, and eventually prove your worth to me. I will deny you orgasm until I bring you to tears and you scream for my mercy.

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Your Addiction

I know you long for my caresses, admit it. Dying to feel my touch….

You really thought I wouldn’t notice how your pants bulge? Would you mind if I ran my fingers over there? A gentle rub…up and down…

Does it turn you on when I tease you like that through your pants? It seems your erection is getting stiffer.

I think you’d like it better if I were to speed up a bit. So, I’ll rub from the top all the way down….and up and down…. and then again…..up and down….Yes, your cock seems to like it. You can tell by how fast it moves.

Are you about to cum?


And So Is Your Erection

Teased and then denied.

The anticipation of an explosive orgasm fills you with dread. It’s getting close…almost there.  It really makes me want to tease your erection so hard that you can’t control it anymore. And then stop.

I can only Imagine the despair in your eyes when you realize it was barely a precum!

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Tease Some More

When you think I’m about to speed up to get you over the edge, I’ll stop touching your hard throbbing cock.

I haven’t decided how much longer to tease you. Would you like to cum this time? Can’t you wait?  Let me think about that while I continue to tease your bulge.

I will flip a coin. If heads, you get to orgasm. If tails, you wait for the next chance. No, you can’t check the coin. Are you not trusting me?


A Beautiful Servant

Your mind is mine and your orgasm is under my control. If you want to cum, you will have to ask my permission.

Ok, I have made my decision: NO. You are not allowed to cum. Why? No reason. It’s just that I have the power to say ‘no’ to you. In other words, I can repeat my Tease and Denial game as many times as I want.

Moreover, if you were to cum, you would make a big mess in those panties, and we can’t have that. Now I’m going to tease you a bit more, so don’t you dare cum either.


Denied. Denied. Denied.

“Some things are more precious

because they don’t last long.”

(Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray)

Yet you will still feel the despair of this Tease and Denial session as if it was eternal.

Take off your pants and rub yourself like an eager slut. I will not allow you to cum. Keep on, edge for me, and then beg me to stop you. It’s alright, you may cry. Just let the frustration and the emotions wash over you.

Surely, my slave, it is a painful price to cum in my presence, but I also know how rewarding it is.


Your Size

After all, you might not get an orgasm at the end of this Tease and Denial session.

I will stuff your aching member into that adorable cock cage I’ve prepared for you. You’ll keep your cummy trapped in those bloated balls.

You’d better fight the urge to cum. A true slave, of course, would keep his juices in his balls, wouldn’t he? 

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Your True Talent

Keep begging. It’s fun to watch you humiliate yourself. Your arousal has grown stronger, and you are desperately waiting for my decision.

Don’t stop. You look good trembling while on the edge. It fills me with pleasure to hear the weakness in your voice as you tell me I am a superior Goddess, and you are a worthless slave.

Louder! I love it when my slaves shout my name to the world.



You want to cum so badly. Yet I respect you too much to waste your building excitement on a simple orgasm.

Feel how vulnerable and weak you are right now. It’s because you give so much of yourself to me, and I really appreciate that. That’s why you deserve to experience the immense fulfilment that comes from constantly being teased and denied.

I love you.  And the tears that well up when you think of getting heard in your pants make me love you even more every single day. These are the tears that prove your devotion to me.

It’s so glorious to watch you. Perfect just the way you are teased, denied, and crying.

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I want to tease you relentlessly.

And yet, deny you the climax.

Till you brake and cry for mercy.
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And Your Teased Erection

It can be difficult for some women to deal with a submissive like you. Not for me. I know what you want, how to treat you, and how to enjoy you.

Ultimately, it is mutual respect that makes everything work. As much as you want to see your Goddess smile, I want you to be happy as well.

However, this can only happen if I have control over your sexual desires. Teased, denied, and forced to serve me.

I want to have you so deeply under my spell that you will kneel at my feet and fulfil my wildest fantasies.


The Rules:

  • Firstly, I am in charge. For everything. Full stop.
  • Secondly, you will serve me every day. Therefore, what I say goes without you contradicting me.
  • Thirdly, and most importantly, your cock is mine, and consequently you will have no sexual pleasure without my express permission.
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Domina Kim

Tease. Denial. FemDom.

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Are you saying

I am the Mistress of your desires?

Well, if you dream of being teased, denied, and having your orgasms controlled, then yes, I am the Queen of your fantasies and the Owner of your soul.

Submit to your weakness
and surrender all your power to me.

Domina Kim Vienna

Tease and Denial

Juchgasse 11, Top 24, 1030 Vienna
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