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    Tease and Denial: complete domination

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    Am I a bad girl for preferring to

    keep you locked in chastity?

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    But I told you beforehand that my true talent is

    And you said that you liked being teased and denied.  Didn’t you say so?

    You’ve said you want to serve me and give me everything I want.

    Well, here is what I want


    I’m in charge.

    Of everything. Period. What I say goes with no arguing from you.


    You’ll serve me with your might, soul,

    passion and all your heart.

    I  own your soul, your body, your feelings, your heart, your fantasies, your dreams, your ambitions, even your tears are mine.


    I own your cock.

    You will have no sexual pleasure without my explicit permission. And starting today, you will be getting much, much less of that. I’ll flip a coin. Heads, you get to orgasm. Tails, wait another month for your next chance. You won’t know which until you come, or not…No, you can’t check the coin. Don’t you trust me?

    I want to tie you up

    and do whatever I want to.

    I wanna tie you up, pin you down

    and tease you.

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    Baby, I just wanna tease you and eat you all night and give you neck kisses.

    I want to tie you up, tease you, make you beg for it, till you can’t take any longer and finally you scream my name.

    My provocating words will seduce your mind and you will experience mind-blowing orgasms from your ears.

    I will just kiss you softly all over your aching body. I’ll let my love penetrate through your skin and conquer your soul. Cause nothing is as smooth as the touching of my luscious lips.

    I want to tie you up. Tease you relentlessly. Make you beg me to let you climax. Dominate you completely.

    (read also: FemDom)

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    Get over here

    slave boy!

    I see that bulge in your panties I let you borrow. Does wearing my panties really excite you that much? Ha, how pathetic! Did you really think I wouldn’t notice your bulge getting a little bigger? Well, I think you clearly have much to learn, you naughty boy…

    Now come closer, and let see that bulge up close … oh yes….

    It feels hard… I bet you won’t mind if I just rub up…and down…and up…and down… Do you like that? Do you like the feeling of my fingers against your cock? Do you get turned on by getting touched through your panties, slut?

    I bet you’d like it if I went just a little bit faster…rubbing up… and rubbing down…

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    Oh, yes!

    I think your cock

    likes that very much…

    I can tell by how much it’s moving…are you about to cum? If you want to cum, you have to ask me for permission…What? You would like to cum? Let me just think about it for a moment while I continue to rub your bulge…Okay, I’ve made my decision…NO.

    If you came, you’d make a big mess is those panties, and we just can’t have that…now let me just rub a little bit more…and don’t you dare to cum either…

    Keep begging, I love watching you degrade yourself more and more as your arousal increases, desperate for me to grant you release.

    Don’t stop. It’s really funny to watch you tremble as you ride the edge, listening to the sound of the weakness in your voice as you tell me what a superior GODDESS I am and a worthless slave you are.

    Louder bitch!

    I love to hear my bitches

    screaming my name

    to the whole world.

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    I don’t want you to cum.

    I want you to edge and edge and edge and edge in front of me, and then beg me to make you stop. And I want to put you in a cock cage for the night and start again tomorrow until you are broke.

    How will I know when you’re broken?

    Every man has a point where he is simply so aroused that the mere presence of an attractive woman will make his cock leak pre-cum, even when it is locked in chastity.

    At that point, and only at that point, your chastity sentence begins.

    Ever been edged, denied, teased,

    and blue-balled so hard and often

    that it feels like your balls are

    in a ballbusting session?

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    Yes, that’s a challenge.

    If you want to earn a position worthy of my slave, I want you to prove to me how much of a man you are by going two full weeks without cumming. No orgasms. No masturbation. Nothing.

    Can you handle it, my slave? Good. I’m glad you are up for the challenge.

    Of course, not being able to cum usually turns a man into a begging little worm after just a week. I’ll be curious about how long can you last.

    Now that you’ve agreed to the challenge, how about we raise the stakes? If you can make it the full three months without asking me for an orgasm, asking to be released to experience an erection, asking me to touch your balls; basically just forgetting about that cock, I’ll allow you a full week to cum as much as you want, any way you want, before you’re locked up again.

    If you can’t wait the full three months and ask for anything related to that cock, then your chastity period is extended to one extra month for every orgasm I can give myself with a vibrator, while you’re forced to watch, within a 24 hour period.

    What do you say, slave?

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    Oh! It’s my decision time again; I love our monthly edging sessions. You’ll not beg to be let out. In fact, you’ll be so good I cannot say a bad word against you, my slave.

    Wow! I never thought you would ever have a perfect month. Well done.

    So my answer is…NO. You cannot cum…Why? I have no reason. It’s just I have the power to say NO to you.

    Yes, I’m going to let go before you cum. I’m going to let go and stop touching your hard throbbing cock, just when you think I’m going to speed up to bring you over the edge. I’ll stuff your aching member back into that little chastity belt, I took it out of, and keep all those weeks worth of cummy trapped in those bloated balls…

    Why? Because real slaves keep their juices in their balls.

    You better fight the urge to cum, bitch! This teasing session has another hour left in it, and I will not stop early!

    Just remember the punishment if you do screw up!

    Horrible pain is the price for the pleasure of cumming in my presence!

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    I know you’re desperate to cum,

    my sweet slave.

    But you know I want you to be denied, aching and constantly leaking for me…


    time to edge again…

    You’ll soon learn that your place in this relationship is to suffer for my pleasure… Nothing gets me off better than seeing a man frustrated and denied; his cock lock in strict unrelenting chastity and his balls growing fuller with pent up lust day by day…

    And as the days turn into months, you’ll look at me differently. I can sense that you’re intimidated by me. I always sense that in your humble body language and submissive eyes.

    Here is your new

    Morning Ritual:

    I want you to stroke with your left hand till you reach the edge …

    Then put your hand behind your head and pause for 30 seconds …

    Then edge with your right hand, till you reach the edge and put it behind your head as well …

    Pause for a minute and then start all over again …

    Do this 10 times but never cum … You’ll have blue balls all day long.

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    Some women really have a hard time handling relationships with a chaste, submissive like you. But, not me.

    I know exactly what you want,

    how to treat you,

    and how to enjoy you.

    It all comes down to mutual respect. I want you to be happy, and you want me to be happy.

    However, the only way that effectively happens, is if you are denied, teased and forced to serve me.

    You also want to cum desperately. But, I respect you too much to waste your building excitement on a mere orgasm.

    I want to give you the thrill and fulfillment of being denied so long, even the idea of getting hard against my panties is enough to bring tears to your eyes.

    I’ll love you more and more every day for giving me the intense, sexual affection I desire.

    And you’ll be so deeply under my spell, you’ll happily drop to your knees and fulfill my naughtiest fantasies without even being asked.

    So you think I’m the girl of your dreams?

    Well, if you dream about being teased, denied, locked in chastity and having your orgasms controlled,  

    then YES, I am the QUEEN of your dreams, the GODDESS of your fantasies and the OWNER of your soul.

    My goal is to make you regret the day

    you agreed to be my chastity slave.

    Your job is to suffer and endure.

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    I tie you up, I tie you down;

    Bound and gagged, you make no sound.

    I blind your eyes; I restrain your sighs;

    A feather teases, wanton heightens.


    I tie you here, I tie you there;

    I remove your dress and leave you bare.

    Whips and chain, suggested erotic pain;

    As I claim you, take you, and conquer you once again.


    Fires blaze, you’re in a daze;

    Absolutely lost in my erotic maze.

    With my touch on your skin, I move within;

    You lose yourself in fiery sin.


    And surprise tributes and gifts are always the key.

    Submit to your weakness

    and surrender all your power to me.

    (Your privacy is of paramount importance

    and absolute discretion is assured.)


    +43 680 309 5 309

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