SPH. Size Shaming.

Small Penis Humiliation

Make a Reservation

Size does matter

.. or does it really?

Well, for the sake of our current discussion, I’ll like to keep the suspense. According to a study conducted by Cosmopolitan, 47% of males confessed they were somewhat unsatisfied about their sizes. That’s a considerable amount of perverts. And your perverted soul had always had a sensational throbbing in the organ in between your legs when your girlfriend, your wife, your better half call you less than an average man, don’t you? I must say you are one of those corrupt souls to be turned on by Small Penis humiliations.

You always consider yourself to be a less than an average man, no matter what your endowment is. Right from the days of your youth, women never wanted to be near you let alone your cock. I could well imagine the disappointment painted across a gorgeous woman’s face as she suppressed a chuckle at that tiny thing when you had presented to her and called a “dick”. Haha!

You, little perverted soul,

have always been looking for someone

whose demons play well with yours.

I’m sensual, I’m deep and I definitely am a dominant. Don’t you think that’s a very sexy combination? And I’m a dreaded collector when it comes to that dick tax. You are required to pay me for having an awful and disappointing erection. The smaller you are, the more you pay. Humiliating, isn’t it? I know. If your erection is 20 cm, you may send 20€. If your erection is 19 cm, then it’s 30€. You may increase 10€ per cm subtracted. So if your erection is 16 cm inches, it’s 60 €. You will pay on your knees in cash. I will make you yearn to hand me over the monetary value that gives you significance because you are too insignificant to matter otherwise. You pay me to hide your dreaded secret and also because you exhibited that distasteful organ! I get paid every time I force you to exhibit it because no one else would look at that pathetic membrane otherwise.

I am free

no matter what rules surround me.

When I find the rules tolerable, I am tolerant, and I do tolerate. If I find them too unpleasant, I’m free to break them. I am free because I am a dominant woman and I possess the deadliest combination of brains and beauty. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for whatever things I do.

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There are two types of pain, one that hurts you and another that changes you. And I’m going to make you suffer for your disgusting organ that lurks in between your legs. My pain of humiliation, my pain of embarrassment and my pain of degradation will change you forever and you will crave to please and pleasure my existence.

Your pains, my gains.

I’ll dominate you, but also I will give you a seductive temptation, an eternal bliss so good that you’ll forget your name… You’re going to think my name as ‘Yes my Goddess, Yes my Queen, Yes my Mistress’.

Now you are my favourite toy. I am going to play with you. Tease you, deny you, frustrate you to the extent where it’s unbearable for you. In the end, you would feel like the longer I play with you, the harder are your arousals. Whenever I am going to handcuff you to the bed, I’m going to stimulate you right to the edge. Then I’m going to stop and watch you squirm and leak your juices. I won’t allow you to edge your excitements because that little prick is good for nothing.

There’s nothing you can do about it, but suffer my tease and denial. I’m going to stop you playing with that tiny pathetic erection. It belongs to me now. After I am done playing with that little toy, I am going to make you lock up yourself in chastity. Ohh! Here is the funny part. You are not allowed to edge yourself. If you do that by mistake in my hands, you are going to clean it up with your tongue and I lock you up for four weeks in chastity. If you dare to waste a single drop of it, you end up being locked in chastity for another four weeks. You see, I don’t like to give too many options to my slave.

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Now, what do you think? Who owns you? Do you think you’ll be able to get away from me? I think you’re right about that. You only exist to serve me now. I own your body, your soul, and your mind. Every time you get any type of sexual pleasure that will be your reward on how well you meet my demands and stand up to my expectations. Do you agree? Tonight and every night hereafter are about me, only me and what I want, slave… do you understand?

Well, here we are now my little slave, I want you to lock yourself up in your chastity cage and hand me over the keys. Don’t look so horrified. You agreed to my rules. The keys to your chastity cage are MINE and so is your pathetic organ. You’ll never know if, when and how you will see them again. Days will become weeks and weeks might become months. You agreed to flip the switch of our relationship and so I have improvised some of the rules. You just don’t know, you wait for MY mercy to unlock you, more and more willing to pay any price to be unlocked. I will enjoy your suffering, slave. Maybe, I will never allow you to get out of that cage. And I’ll make you kiss the keys goodbye!

I have the temptation, the shine, and the glimmer in my eyes to fool you. I’m a one way stop to heaven and lust. And with that chastity cage and collar, you should be wearing to prove your worthy submission. Don’t be fooled to think I’m only yours; I’m a collector. So you better take whatever I allow you to. And let me take your breath away and corrupt your very existence. Then, perhaps I might just allow you to stay beside my feet forever.

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