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    Domina Kim Wien

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    I want to tie you up… Tease you relentlessly. Make you beg me to let you climax. Dominate you completely.

    Strap-on & Fisting

    dildos, vibrators, electro dildo

    I own your heart and your ass.  When I stare at you, I fuck you with my eyes.


    Discipline & Domination


    obedience training

    bondage, spanking, restrain

    collar, blindfold, gag



    pegging (strap-on), fisting, fingering

    forced chastity, forced orgasm

    NS, spitting,humiliation & degradation

    size shaming, SPH (small penis humiliation)


    Light Dominance

    Don’t be afraid of exploring your sexuality, fantasies, and desires. Embrace them. Love them. Make them yours. They are part of who you are.

    I’m going to enslave you completely. You no longer will have any free will. You no longer will desire any power. That ended the moment when you watched my picture peering into your soul.


    foot, stocking, boot, nylons, footwear worship, latex, leather, lingerie

    Well, you’ll get hypnotized by my high heels because you desire girls in high heels. You crave for girls who wear heels higher than your cock.

    I don’t need chains, cuffs or ropes to bind my sub. When I dominate your mind, your heart, and your body, you’ll willingly bind your soul to mine.

    Try it and you’ll never be the same again…


    sissification, forced fem, role reversal, cross dressing

    You have thoughts that are too naughty, too perverse to disclose even your dearest friends. You secretly crave to submit to a WOMAN who commands you what to do.

    Impact Play (heavy)

    spanking, flogging, whipping, deep tissue bruising, foot whipping

    I’ll take you, own you, claim you, your heart, soul and body, every single piece of you. I can sense how much you need and want my dominance. It’s as much as I need your submission.

    Torture / SM / CBT

    heavy pain, CBT / nipple torture, humiliation, corporal punishment

    I’ll make you embrace the pain. I’ll make you flow with it, and for a brief period of time, you’ll feel…WHOLE and ALIVE again.

    Sensory Play

    electro, silk, wax, feathers, massage oil

    This isn’t romance. This is a hardcore Mistress out and out driving you to the craziest level of madness, where your body is going to come completely to pieces before I’m done.


    (Financial Domination)

    When we play, you always agree to play by my rules, no matter how demeaning they are, no matter how hard they are.

    My fierce trustworthiness reminds you that I just need one thing from you: MONEY-.


    medical play


    switching / subbing

    sexual contact

    Submit to your weakness

    and surrender all your power to me.

    (Your privacy is of paramount importance and absolute discretion is assured.)


    +43 680 309 5 309

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