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    Sensual/Light Dominance: no polite love

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    Close your eyes and open your heart

    and feel my soul

    … touching you, exploring you, conquering you … every second of the day, dominating you in soft and breathless whispers of your passion and your submission.

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    Your body shivers for my kiss. Your heart aches for my touch as the anticipation bursts inside your chest with an intoxicating thrill spiking through your soul.

    Ignited by my passion-filled eyes, an unbridled longing surge through your soul.

    You are awakened by my toe-curling caress, wanting me more to dominate you, as mad and fiery as your submission. You ache, yearn, and crave for me, Your Goddess, Your Queen, and Mistress.

    I’m a she-wolf.

    You’ll find tigers and lions playing in the circus,

    but never a wolf.

    My nature demands submission,

    even if I try to fight it.

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    I’ll listen to an amount of force – positive force, not a negative force. But leave the run wide open with no boundaries and I won’t listen to you at all.

    All I’ll listen to is the call of your freedom, even if it leads you straight into a trap.

    Stop thinking like a human.

    I’m a wolf.

    You will be loved the day when you will be able to show your weakness without the other person using it to assert her strength.

    I’m a true dominant.

    I complete you, but never alter you.

    I see what is there, not what is missing.

    I receive but I never take.

    I have pride, but never arrogance.

    The more intelligent the girl,

    the darker the sensuality.

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    Don’t be afraid of exploring your sexuality, fantasies, and desires. Embrace them. Love them. Make them yours. They are part of who you are.

    During our play, you should never be afraid, insecure or negative about your aching submission and my sheer dominance. Under my dominance, control, and your tempting lust, you’ll desire for me.

    I’ll not tell how I’ll dominate you;

    I’ll show you.

    And as the play progresses, your soul will be consumed by my seduction, your thoughts will be conquered by the tempting sight of my curves and edges. And you’ll fall deeper and deeper into your submission.

    Watch your own evolution. Watch as you leave behind your old-self, and become mine. To please me will become both your pleasure and your priority and your sole existence.

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    Relax… slow down… Just relax. Let my voice flow over and inside of you for the next 30 minutes.

    There’s nothing else that matters. It’s just you and my voice.

    Have you ever stripped in front of a true woman?

    I’ll strip you of your insecurities.

    I’ll take your time.

    I’ll pick you up, lead you and make you sit on our date night chair.

    I’ll run my hands down your spine.

    I’ll grab you by the nape of your neck and kiss you once and for all.

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    You’ll forget whose air you’re breathing in. This is as close as two bodies can get, figuratively, and literally.

    It’s not about making you moan or scream, it’s about making you forget to breathe. I’ll make these minutes and moments matter.

    I’ll make you remember. It’s not a race. I’ll leave my mark on your body.

    I’ll leave my mark on your heart and memory. I’ll lead you to ride the pleasures of ecstasy.  Deeper, slower, longer.

    I’ll make heat where our bodies will meet.

    There’s passion.

    There’s love.

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    And then there is this…

    The smell of my hair, the taste of my mouth, the feeling of my skin, seemed to have conquered all your senses and gotten inside you, or into the air around you.

    I’ve become your physical necessity.

    I’ll make you forget your name while I’m busy moaning yours.

    I swear I won’t stop until your legs are shaking and the neighbors know my name.

    My biggest turn on is

    turning you on.

    You don’t want polite love.

    You crave to know that you are always in the hands of a woman who is capable of being excited, and who you excited, who finds you truly marvelous, to whose fury of power and fierce voracious seductive appetites keep you always triggered and tempted on the edge.

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    You always want to be at the feet

    of a true dominatrix.

    There’s an ache that you can’t control in a place you can’t even name and it always calls for my name.

    You’re addicted to my scent and the way I taste.

    You’re addicted to the way you lose yourself beneath my touch, to the way your skin craves more of me on it. You’re addicted to the way it feels long after we’re done.

    I own your heart and your ass.

    When I stare at you,

    I fuck you with my eyes.

    You’ll jerk off intensely at my instruction. As we get past ten, you slip up; overwhelmed by the sensations destroying your body and conquering your senses.

    Jerk for me slave! I’m not letting you loser cum until your balls are bluer than my blue eyes.

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    You do think of me when you touch yourself, don’t you?

    Yes, slave.

    Kneel and worship

    stroke your cock for me.

    Cum all over the floor, then jerk and cum again and again. Drain those balls before me!

    Are you all spent? Good, I hope not.

    Now lick up that disgusting puddle of filth for me!

    I’ll make you feel my ownership.

    You know the desire isn’t about physical touch. Desire is about a mental and emotional longing  that creates sensitivity to my touch.

    So close your eyes and feel that sensation, so deep inside now.

    Spontaneity manifests passion.

    Submit to your weakness

    and surrender all your power to me.

    (Your privacy is of paramount importance
    and absolute discretion is assured.)


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