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When I set a rule,

I am bound by it as well.

The kinky play requires an explicit power exchange, and it doesn’t generally incorporate domination!

In order for me to be able to truly get what your specific arousal is, and to create a magical experience for both of us, shaping a framework for explicitly and honestly discussing the power dynamics is a prerequisite.

Even if it looks like the power only flows one way, rules and boundaries are to be respected by both parts involved.

My aim is to create a sense of security and a complete trust so that you can relax, surrender, and let yourself fully immersed in the play, without the fear of being judged, disrespected or have your boundaries crossed.

My  sessions do not involve sexual intercourse or oral sex.

Study My Kinks and the tabus prior to submitting a reservation.

Tribute Rates

Rates are not negotiable.
I prepare individually for every session,
as I strive to create a long lasting relationships with my subs,
a journey of priceless personal growth based on trust and commitment.
  • 30 minutes - 150€
  • 45 minutes - 200€
  • 60 minutes - 250€
  • 90 minutes - 400€
  • 120 minutes - 500€
  • Payments accepted: cash or PayPal

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