The Impact Play: a Soul-Stirring Journey

“Nothing can cure the soul but the senses.”

(Oscar Wilde, "The Picture of Dorian Gray")

You are submissive sexually, I know that. Your eyes convey those wicked perverted desires you would never dare reveal to anyone. Those fantasies are buried deep within, but you secretly long for the right woman to bring you to your knees, spank and whip you,  and finally push you beyond what you can handle. And the most valuable thing you can do for yourself is to engage in an Impact Play  session with a real dominatrix like me. The only one to unravel your mysteries.


Your Weakness Leaving the Body

Imagine a temptress dominatrix like me teasing and pulling your hard erection. Blindfold you and restrain you with your legs spread widely apart.

The sound of the whip crack booming across your naked butt would be bliss to your ears. It is undoubtedly more satisfying than traditional sex.

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The Answer to Your Prayers

There is a void inside you that calls for my dominance as I am the only one who can satisfy your need for new levels of intensity.

My Impact Play sessions will challenge you to reach new heights, as they are for me a way to express my authentic self.

So, don’t talk. Just listen as I whisper into your ear. This will be a wild ride between pleasure and pain.


The Bliss of Your Soul

Discipline is required, and you must obey strict rules set by someone who knows your limitations. That someone is me, your dominatrix.

As you are my slave, it will be less embarrassing for you to have your pants pulled down and spanked with a paddle.

Here’s the fun part: I know spanks are your favorite, and I enjoy punishing my slaves as hard as they can imagine. A priceless moment for me is seeing you cry your eyes out as I toast your butt.

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Your Safe Word

You mean, you want to decide when it stops? How can I allow that? You might have a sore bottom for a few days. After all, I am in charge. In other words, I do what I please with you, and you have to pay for that privilege.


Therefore I Spank

At the end of any Impact Play session, I spank my slave to reinforce in their minds who rules this relationship.

I will paddle you when I say you need it. Backtalk, complaints, or begging will only make things worse.

However, as your dominatrix, I’ll always look out for you. I will spank you so hard that you won’t remember your safe word.

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Your Soul Purpose

I own your body, heart, and soul. You crave my control so much. Just as much as I demand your submission.

Ultimately, I want to strip you of your old identity, to release you from the shackles of your ego, and to reveal who you truly are.

It’s time to free you up so that you can reach new heights of excitement.


And I Will Treat You Like One

Although you are an adult, you are acting like a child, and you will be punished accordingly. There you go, my slave, my mommy mode is on!

The obedience lesson you so much deserve has been hanging over your head for a long time.

My plan today is to bend you over my knees and spank your butt up to your pain tolerance. There is no point in crying, as that will just make me give you another round.


I Inspire You to Kneel

Kneeling before me, your dominatrix, is an act of trust.

Being chosen as my slave is a great honor for you. Serving and worshiping me is a privilege,  as  I have given you permission to surrender to me your entire self.


A Fair Impact Play

The fact that I am above you does not stop me from enjoying being with you. And I also know that relationships require both giving and receiving.

Therefore, when I propose an Impact Play session, I expect you to accept it without complaint.

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My Toy

Your body will never cease to intrigue me. Nevertheless, I will seduce your mind and chain your heart before ever touching you. Ensure your submission.

Bruises and marks will be your rewards. You will be sore, but I will make you misbehave so that I can spank and whip you once more.


Valuable Lessons

You will wear your scars with pride. Their presence will remind you that you belong to me, a woman of the highest value, who makes you stronger and completes your existence.

I will leave an imprint all over your being,

body and soul.

And you will adore me for eternity.

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Serving and worshiping me is a privilege.
I give you permission to surrender to me your entire self.


BDSM Studio Address:

Juchgasse 11, Top 24,

1030 Vienna


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