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Pain is the weakness

leaving the body.

I am your Queen, your Goddess,

the only one to address your mysteries.

Do you desire a strong, dominant WOMAN to control your needs of life?

Do you seek to be blindfolded, while your legs are spread wide apart and restrained?

Do you crave to have your erection pulled while I have my mischievous way with your body, pleasuring you hard and spanking your bare butts as I see fit?

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I’ll eat you with my eyes a

and demolish you with my desire.

You are sexually submissive.

You have thoughts that are too naughty, too perverse to disclose even your dearest friends.

You secretly crave to submit to a WOMAN who commands you what to do.

I know, in the deep closets of your deviously lustful mind you feel happy when you are pleasing your woman sexually. I am the missing piece of your puzzled desires and lustful temptations: the Dominant Woman. While I can be completely and totally within my limitations, I can push you at an intensity level far beyond your experiences and expectations.

So, don’t talk. Just listen to me as I whisper into your brain. It’s going to be a wild ride between pleasure and pain.

My pleasure

and your pain.

I know my pathetic sluts so well. The very thought of a temptress drinking an orange juice while she toys with your erection, teasing you to its peak yet denying you the pleasure, is undoubtedly more arousing than traditional sex.

I know you love getting straightened, to be in strict rules and you definitely love to be spanked. Here is the fun part; I love to spank my slaves harder than they could ever dream of. You always look so cute over my lap and crying your eyes out as I toast your butt.

The part I like best is your “spanky dance” afterward with your Willy flopping; it’s PRICELESS.

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My pulling down your pants and spanking you should be less humiliating if you know this will become a way of life for you if you want to become my worthy slave.

A safeword?

Do you mean you want to be the one who decides when it stops? Why should I let you do that? Your bottom might be sore for a few days, but the sooner we settle this down, the sooner both of us will feel better. I think myself as a “lifestyle pro-domme”.

This means I do whatever I like to you, and you’ll have to pay for that privilege. Moreover, I spank my slave at the end of the first date to reinforce in their minds who runs and rules this relationship. When I say you need to be paddled, you will be paddled. End of the discussion. Backtalk, complaints or begging will only make it worse.

You always wear pants, but it’s me who control the zipper. I’ll take your hand… bind it, bring you back into yourself. Bring you to your knees with the fear or pain of passion.

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l take you, own you, claim you, your heart, soul and body, every single piece of you.

I can sense how much you need and want my dominance. It’s as much as I need your submission.

You are made only to serve me.

I want to take you, claim you, own you as you’ve never been taken and dominated before.

I want to leave you unable to think, only feel and be lost in the moment that you rediscover yourself

and reach the zenith of excitements.

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That is it, young fellow! If you want to act like a kid, I’m going to treat you like one! You might be a grown-up adult, yet you’re acting like a kid and you will be punished like one. I’m going into Mommy mode!

I realize what’s probably going to happen and I simply had this dress laundered….I am going to turn you over my knee and give your exposed base the beating you’ve been requiring for a short time now. When I take you over the edge and you make a mess, I will beat you right and afterward for it. You will cry when I give you another round of spank.

But as a dominatrix,

I’ll always take care of you.

Yet I’ll spank you so hard that you’ll forget your safeword.

I don’t force my sub to kneel,

I inspire you to.

You’re my servant, my slave.

It’s an honor and privilege to serve me. It’s your given legacy.

I’m your owner, your taker. I’m higher than you, but it’s also my pleasure to be with you.

I’ll use you. You’ll bear and live with it.

Your body is the wonderland that I ceaselessly explore.

Your heart is my toy and I’ll seduce your mind much before even I’ve touched you.

I’ll LOVE YOU, play with you.

That:s your only perfect use.

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It’s an honor that I chose you to be my slave,

that I grant you the privilege to worship me, use your flesh for my pleasure.

A male who is worthy of my dominance.

There’s give and take in any relationship.

In this one, you simply have to take whatever I give you, without complaining.

And my seduction will tempt more and more and bring you to the edges of excitements, my edges will drive you crazy and insane begging for more. I’ll answer your submission with bruises and cuts, amplifying the thrill and pleasure.

I’ll make you ache and want me to spank you, whip you again. The funny part, I won’t make you ask for a spanking. I’ll make you misbehave until you get one. And you’ll wear your bruises with pride because every bruise is a lesson and each lesson makes you better.

I’m the woman you can kneel before and trust; 

a woman who has given you the permission to surrender the entirely of yourself.

I’m the woman who has conquered my own existence and I deserve your submission.

You wear your bruises so you can feel me even when I’m not with you there. It’s a reminder that you belong to a woman of the highest value, a woman who is more, more than you and who makes you more, who makes you complete.

I’m the woman you always have wished to mark you


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