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    Fetish. Sniff my sole, slave!

    Make a reservation

    Hello, boys …

    Did you miss me

    at the weekend?

    And did you do your assignments? And do you really want me more than ever?

    So you have all stroked over the weekend without cumming while thinking of me…

    You’re such a good pet, did you know that? You make me so proud.

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    Today’s session will be a reward

    for being such a good boy.

    Just look at my sexy body

    and tease yourself a bit over the pants..

    It hurts because you’re so excited

    … look at you;

    you are even shaking with anticipation.


    Goddess Domina Kim.

    Queen Domina Kim.

    Mistress Domina Kim.

    Only your Goddess, your Queen, Mistress Domina Kim

    can give you pleasure.

    Only you, my slave, you can get pleasure.

    You’re my pet, my slave craving, yearning,

    lusting for my dominance.

    Now you’ll as you always stroke your cocks…

    And always remember to scream

    when you cum:

    “I’m slave to Domina Kim!”

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    Yes! You are such a good

    obedient slave!

    Oh my God! You get stiffy whenever you look at my gorgeous and sexy legs!

    You are such a humiliation loving pervert.

    I’ll just relax down and finish my orange juice.

    But you’ll actually clean my feet to be useful.

    You’ll lie down on the floor on your back and start worshipping your goddess.


    You’ll start sniffing my sole,


    Well, you’ll get hypnotized by my high heels because you desire girls in high heels. You crave for girls who wear heels higher than your cock.

    Does it make you feel good? Are you gonna suck my heels forever? Good! I see you are already messy in my panties.

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    You like to wear your Goddess’s satin panties.

    Don’t try to move sweetie. You have lost control of your mind and body. They are mine to play with.

    Don’t you remember anything you silly little pet? You said I couldn’t possibly hypnotize you with my foot. You said there was no way you’d get on your knees and kiss my feet. You said that was disgusting, didn’t you?

    What you didn’t know was that I knew all about that foot fetish you have. All those pictures on your computer of gorgeous soles putting you in your place.

    Image module

    You couldn’t help

    but fall into a deep deep trance

    the moment you took off my shoes.

    You couldn’t help going on your knees as you took off my socks. The sight of bare feet puts you completely under my control.

    Your mind was completely open

    to my programming.

    I’ll make you wear sissy latex costumes

    while I play with you.

    Image module
    Image module


    no males’ clothes allowed

    in front of me.

    You’ll always crawl to your Goddess to prove your worth if your desire is, so desperate to suck and lick my feet. You’ll suck each toe like a sweet lollipop. Mhh, your tongue should feel really good. I think I’m really going to enjoy the time with you.

    From now on, you’re not allowed to hold your head up higher than my knees. Your mouth as to touch my precious feet at all times, got that? That means even at night. You’ll be cuffed to my bed and I’ll sleep with my feet on your face.

    Hmm! Good! You are quite a foot slut! Hmm! I want to relish the way you play your tongue on my feet.

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    I have hypnotized you.

    You want to feel me!

    You crave and yearn to touch me.

    You want to feel the pain I give you. You want to feel my love and my care through that pain.

    You want to feel every inch of my lush body, every inch of my curves and edges on your servile body and conquering your soul.

    Do you like how my new panties

    get sucked in my ass crack?

    I bet you do! You’re such a freak for my sexy ass! I bet you’re drooling at the thought of my ass crack!

    You’ll take my bra and put it on. I’ll replace all your boxers with panties. Judging by your erection, it seems like you don’t mind?

    Image module

    Come on, sweetie. It’s time for us to stop pretending you’re a real man.

    I want you to come here and slowly peel off my panties. Then, I want you to put them on. If you want to be a sissy, then you’re going to be my sissy. You’re going to wear everything I’ve got on, and then I’m going to fuck you in the ass with a strap-on.

    If you can get to avoid getting a boner, I might still respect you afterward. If not, you’ll be my cuckold sissy bitch from now on. And do you know what your reward will be? I’ll let you sniff my used panties for ten seconds.

    And if you could impress me with that filthy tongue of yours… Here, sniff my panties while you jerk off for me.

    Aww…What’s wrong with a little humiliation and degradation, baby? I’ve kept you denied for so long…I could always lock you back up.

    No? Good boy. Now grab that throbbing cock and press into my panties, and start stroking. You may only cum on my toes, and then after you MUST lick them clean.

    There’s is a passion

    or there’s nothing.

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    And I want the type that drips down your back and soaks sheets.

    The kind that makes you lose sleep, and late for work in the morning. The type of passion you still feel between your legs on that leaking organ, every day over and over again

    I’m talking about the kind that pins down wrists and demands eye contact.

    The passion that makes your body quiver and your legs tremble.

    I mean passion that’s so seductive that you would never dream of looking for it from someone else.

    But only me,

    Your Goddess, Your Queen,

    Mistress Domina Kim

    Passion that’s so uninhibited, intimate, and full of nail scratches and love bites, or hips, or neck, or ankles that make you wish for more…

    And when you’re finished,

    you’re finished.

    And you know in between short breaths

    and messy body…

    There’s a passion or nothing else…

    Submit to your weakness

    and surrender all your power to me.

    (Your privacy is of paramount importance and absolute discretion is assured.)


    +43 680 309 5 309





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