Feminization. Sissy Training.

Permanent and Irreversible

Make a Reservation

It is natural to want

to be a Woman.

Being female is taught. Rectifying your pathetic manly conduct with female habits, manners and class is the thing that you need.

Being a sissy is your new reality.

I am going to transform you into a pretty young lady you have always longed to be. You should be taught how to carry on with your daily life appropriately. You can just dream of being as hot, girly and appealing as a genuine lady, however, I’ll do my best with you. Being pretty is difficult. You need to look as soft and provocative as possible. Spoiling you won’t be simple; transforming you from bitch boy to sissy slut will require a lot of pinks. Sissy sluts typically wear pinks, since it makes you feel feminine and girly wearing a perfect colour related to young ladies.

I can turn any boy into a cute little sissy.

I just won’t let you cum.

And once your Mistress starts to pierce your ears, you never know where I will decide to put the rings, or when I’ll stop. Shave. Plugged. Nails done. Useless cock chastised and covered in panties… That’s the next step to your transformation. Perfect, isn’t it?

I’ll keep you chaste so long that you’ll do anything to cum. Besides, it became very obvious very quickly how excited you get when wearing girl’s clothes in front of me. So, it will be no surprise when I command you that you could no longer cum unless you’re dressed up like a girl! Oh, the twisted part, I don’t know when I’ll allow you to cum or if I would ever want you to. I know how much you like wearing a pantyhose sissy. How about I buy you a little skirt like mine too?

Your transformation is coming along so well. No one will ever know you were once a man. There is no going back, my slave.

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You will only call me


A good sissy always respects her Mistress. No talking back or whining. Always “please” and “thank you” should be at the tip of your tongue.

A good sissy girl never has her mouth open, unless she is sucking cock for me. You will earn the privilege to suck cock after I train you to with dildos and strap-on. You should be excited to have your mouth trained. Your Mistress is going to train you to be a cock slut, do not worry!

First you have to learn how to put on sexy panties. Sliding them on gently so they don’t rip and making sure they hug your curves perfectly. You will bend over like a slut while I inspect if you have putted them on correctly. You are rewarded with spanks and your clitty rubbed through your panties.

You will wear a little pink dress over you panties and practice crossing your legs. I’ll even call you in girly names, say if you’re Alex, you’ll be called Alexa; If you’re Patrick, you’ll be called Patricia; Oliver becomes Olivia; Christian becomes Christina; John becomes Joanna; Peter becomes Petra; Nicholas becomes Nicole and so on.

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I will put you in frilly panties, stockings and heels… I’ll have you beg me to fuck your ass with my strap-on… I’ll dress you as my sissy maid, I’ll make you suck cock for cash and humiliate you.

The question is not where would you draw the line. The question is: How far will I make you go before I get bored?

I will tell my best friend who’s a makeup artist about how you like to wear panties. He will come over to do your makeup and help me dress you up.

I’m not unlocking you. If you’re so desperate to cum, fuck yourself with a dildo and cum like the little bitch you are. No, I won’t unlock you, but I’ll let you worship my body. Doesn’t that feel better sweetie? All you have to do is pull down your little lacy panties and you start to drip for me and all I have to do is tease your caged cock and eventually you squirt without me letting you get hard at all.

So the cage is forever. Permanent chastity doesn’t necessarily mean that you have no more orgasms. It does mean your cute little clitty will keep shrinking until it is permanently limp, tiny, and useless and will never be able to fuck anything ever again.

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I will train you to cum like the sissy bitch you are.

I will make you feel so emasculated that you will begin to shave or wax off your body hair, to better represent how sissified you are. I’ll make you admit that the only part of your body that can make a woman cum is your tongue. As a sissy slut you’ll live only to serve your Mistress.

You always are the most submissive, nasty degraded whore in the room. I will have ready my strap-on to dominate your sexual fantasies. Sissies wear maid lingerie as a reminder that they are not housekeepers but slave sluts who deserve humiliation.

So, in the process of your transformation, you’ll be waxed, shaven, nail polished, you’ll wear lip sticks and I will even make you wear a wig. Don’t worry, I will keep you in high heels and we’ll wear matching lingerie. It’s not about just dressing like a girl… You’ll have to practice standing like a girl… walking like a girl… talking like a girl… flirting like a girl… Before you can seduce a real man to bend you over and fuck you like a real girl!

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I finally figured out what you like more than a cock in your ass: And that’s a cock in your ass while another is fucking your mouth!

Bet when you agreed to wear my panties you didn’t think I’d have you tied up and sucking cock till you’re covered in cum sissy slave! Well look at you sissy slave. All tied up in slutty panties with one of my stud’s cock in your mouth, cum dripping.

I think it’s time you have your first spit roast! Let me push your head on my stud’s cock. It makes me wet when I push your head down on another man’s cock. I have to admit, I love how your cock throbs in my used panties. Stick your ass out sissy, like a cheap slut. I’m going to watch you suck my stud’s dick until you swallow his cum, sissy slave! I want to see my stud’s cock spanking on those sexy cheeks, cum over you like a little sissy! I’ll let my studs fuck you harder in your ass! I want to hear you moan as he rams you like a slut and you’re covered in cum.

If you’re allowed the privilege of cumming, you must swallow your mess. No exceptions!

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If you want to be my sissy slut, you’ll have to:

  1. Dress like a whore at all times.
  2. Suck off any man I command you to.
  3. Let any man I say fuck your sissy asshole.
  4. Say “Yes!” and “Thank You!” to your Mistress.

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