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    Fantasies & Role Play. I’m your fantasy and you’re mine.

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    The only limits that exist in fantasy are your own and this is the place where you can push them safely, testing yourself to find the places in your mind you may not know exists. Deep in these recesses, you may find wants you never knew you had. Here, in this place, you have the freedom to luxuriate in unsatisfied hunger.

    You always ache

    to taste me.

    No woman has ever made you feel the way I did. I’m your Goddess, your Queen, your Mistress. Whether you believe me or not, you’ll cherish that unforgettable moment for the rest of your life. I’m like ice cream without the calories or whiskey without the hangover.

    I’m a drug.

    Your drug.

    I’m pure indulgence.

    Hot, liquid sin.

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    That last piece of delectable chocolate cake you knew you should walk away from, but if you didn’t have at least one more taste, life wouldn’t be worth living.

    I’m more than just your dominant. I’m your teacher, friend, and inevitably…the Mistress of your heart, the Queen of your fantasies, the owner of your soul, the reason for your existence.

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    Now close your eyes.

    I want to play.

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    I’m the answer to your pain.

    You’re my answer to the need for it.

    You’ve succumbed to the absolute power of the woman that pulls, culls, and calls your unwitting submission. And I’ve embraced the power of your submission to draw you in further, to have you kneeling and worshiping what I’ve conquered. You’ve known surrender and strength with me. True freedom. And a hell of a lot of orgasms.

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    So, if you have a

    TEACHER – STUDENT fantasy,

    you know I can be very mean to straighten bad boys. I have got a kinky mind to turn you over my knee and spank the spoiled hell out of you. Of course it would hurt, it’s a spanking.

    How else would it work? Just as a woman’s eyes are the mirrors of her soul, my sub’s shapely bottom is your seat of learning.

    Your urges are always at a peak, every time I whip you void. You whirl your servile body wanting for more! I own your fantasy and you own my loyalty. My constant whipping makes your flesh want more of me. Your moans, your screams, your scratches, drive me wild. The bruises and scratch wounds on your skin mark the cravings well-satisfied. I’m your fantasy and you’re mine and mine only.

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    Men need discipline, men need training; and who could do it better than a badass female cop.

    If your fantasy is to relieve

    COP – PRISONER scene

    I will break you, tame you and make you mine.

    When I say you’ll be paddled, ball busted, or treated in whatsoever I deem fit, you’ll be. End of the discussion. Back talk, complaints, or begging will only make it worse. A safeword? You mean you want to be the one who decides when its stops? Why should I let you do that?

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    If your desire is to be my


    be very careful what you wish for.

    You just might get what you want. What’s wrong baby? You said you wanted to fuck. That gag will hold your mouth open. I don’t care if you cry. I prefer it when I’m ramming my cock down your servile throat. When I’m done with that I’ll begin working on your sexy ass.

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    And certainly, I believe some of you are already drooling to experience a dominant



    Oh, for the record. I’m not going to hire you for your secretarial skills. You’re so cute! Cupcake! I hired you for those pouty lips of yours. I’ve found that young men with lips like yours can be trained to become good pussy eaters. I do live having my clit sucked on by a gentle boy with full lips. And Cream-puff, you’ll also learn to use your sweet tongue on my asshole. Have you ever tasted an asshole before? You’ll love it, trust me.

    And the very first thing that I would bring to your notice is the dress code. I’ll give you a choice. You can run around my office in your bare skin. Or I could issue you a chastity belt that would hide your precious little bits. If you chose the chastity belt, be aware that you won’t be wearing it at the office. You’ll keep it on until I say otherwise.

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    If your yearning is to experience a



    you couldn’t have wished better.

    You’ll worship your mommy’s feet with your servile tongue. You can’t play with your friends, watch TV or play video games until you’ve serviced your mommy. I’m a bad mommy when it comes to worry about my son’s attitude to chase girls and mistreating them now that you’re grown up. So I always know when, how and where to lay down the law. I’m in charge around the house and I always ensure that my son remembers it. I’ll make you to submit to me and assert who is the boss in the relationship. I know how to make my son, my bitch. And I also know once I do that, you won’t ever settle for being on top of a teenage hussy again. I know you won’t get hard without a MILF strap-on in your butts.

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    If your fantasy is to experience a dominant



    I just changed the rules of my games.

    And if your fantasy is to experience a Dominant DAUGHTER – DADDY role, I just changed the rules of my games. That’s it daddy! I will let you to play with your little dick for me! I love making you jack off. You’re lucky I let you see my ass naked. I’ll never ever let you touch my body daddy! I let your friends see my tits, but I’ll never let you see my naked titties. I might even let your friends Worship my feet if they pay me. I’ll make you pay $200 a week and you’ll never be allowed to kiss my feet. If you’re half the man that you even proclaim to be, I probably would let you lick my boyfriend’s cum of my feet. But since you’re an overweight looser, all you get to do is look at my sweet ass.  And that’s more than you deserve! I’ll make you cum on the floor and, lick it up for me and leave!

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    So, if you have a



    I guess that would explain why I found cum stains on my heels then? Ha-ha, you’re so weird, aren’t you? Aren’t you embarrassed? AWE. I bet you’d jizz your jeans if I say you could put one of my worn socks in your mouth.

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    If you have a



    no more wanking for you, now that I have locked you in that cock cage. From now on, it’s always about ME! You’ll please me whenever I want, wherever I want, however, I want. What? When I’ll let you out? I don’t know when I’ll unlock you. You know, I don’t even know IF I’m going to unlock you! Oh, we’re going to have some fun today, chastie. I’m going to stuff my panties into your mouth and slowly and slowly play with myself. You’re going to worship my cute feet on these socks as I get myself wetter and wetter. When I’m ready to cum, I’m going to climb on top of you and grind my soaking, stiff clit against your cage. Then, after I cum, you can remove my panties from your mouth. After, I’ll give you a nice, long hug and remove one day from your chastity sentence. And you’ll thank me, like the good boy I know you are.

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    If you have a



    Oh, my slave! I got it! I got your testicle between my finger and thumb! And it feels so squishy! Like I could pop it if I’m not too careful! And look how quiet you’ve become! You’ve stopped talking and I can barely hear you breathe! But when I squeeze your little nut a bit… See. I heard you grasp in and tense up! Is this little lump of flesh hidden in your nut sack THAT sensitive?! I feel like I really have control over you…You’ve jumped again! I don’t even have to look at you, I can feel your whole body move and your breath, exhale whenever I put the slightest pressure on your nuts. Oh, I feel so…so…POWERFUL!!! Oh, I wish to hold you like this for years! I feel like I can make you do anything, promise anything, just so I won’t do this again…Oh, feeling you jump like that then hold perfectly still…I’m getting wet just thinking about what I could do with you…To you…You’ve two of these, right? So if I really try to pop one of these, you’ll be OK, because you have another one, right? I’m gonna do it! I’m gonna pop one of these right now! Oh, listen to your whimper! Shit, I’m gonna cream in my jeans when I do it! Do you want me to, my obedient slave? Do you want your gorgeous Mistress to pop your ball? Oh! Oh! Oh! I think I just make you cum just by this exquisite temptation…

    I’m not evil. Maybe a little twisted, a little deviant, but evil? NAH…

    I’m beautifully broken, perfectly imperfect and beautiful in all my flaws. 

    Altogether, I’m a beautiful disaster!

    Though the Mistress is all about power, confidence, and control,

    I always give back to my clients who provide the very platform I stand on.

    I’m not self-made by any means.

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    With my submissive I create, I design, I imagine, I become. It’s a relationship; it’s an exchange.

    I don’t need chains, cuffs or ropes to bind my sub.

    When I dominate your mind, your heart, and your body, you’ll willingly bind your soul to mine.

    Try it and you’ll never be the same again…

    Submit to your weakness

    and surrender all your power to me.

    (Your privacy is of paramount importance
    and absolute discretion is assured.)


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