Personalized Sessions
for a Unique Experience

Outcalls Only

Kinky plays involve explicit power exchanges, and they do not often entail dominance. The first step in creating a magical experience for us both is to clarify the details of the session.


the core of our interaction

As a dominatrix, I must ensure that both parties comply with the rules, even though it may seem like I have all the power.

Trust and security are my goals. Relax, surrender, and fully immerse yourself in the play.

Prior to making a reservation,

check out the RATES and the SERVICES

My equipment allows me to set up a real BDSM environment at a location of your choice where I will visit you.
A few BDSM locations are also available for rent, which I recommend.

BOOKING CONFIRMATIONS can be received by email, SMS, or Whatsapp depending on your preference.
My personal promise is that all information you provide to me will remain confidential and private.