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    Beginners & AlphaSubs: Underneath your Domina. Powerless. Vulnerable.

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    A female-led relationship is always a rewarding investment for any lady who desires to improve her vanilla relationship.

    When in a normal relationship, a dominant woman invests ample time in retraining and re-programming her man, it develops in a female-led relationship.

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    As a matter of fact, a female-led relationship is always a rewarding investment for any lady who desires to improve her vanilla relationship.

    Usage of the term re-training and re-programming is done in the context of the discussion, as men throughout the ages have been trained to be how society thinks men should be.

    In fact, in certain cases, this training and stereotype ideas can inflict stress and anxiety in the man if he is incapable of leadership roles or rational decision making.

    Consequently, here develops the job of his woman to DE-PROGRAMME that training in her man and then RE-PROGRAMME  him to be a very distinct person; one who rejoices and accepts female leadership as the new social paradigm.

    I’m Mistress Kim

    the only lady who can give a true meaning to your existence.

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    I’ve always wanted to hurt men like you, wanted to control men like you, wanted to dominate men like you, wanted to hear you beg me to stop, beg me for more, beg me for anything just so long as you’re ON YOUR KNEES before me.

    Feel your ability, potential, and potency abandon you and radiate through me.

    I shine with brilliant Superiority

    and powerful dominance.

    And I’ll make you feel more fragile and more vulnerable as you feast on my seduction with your yearning eyes, as you hear my alluring voice tempting your mind and imaginations. Deceiving your thoughts and body as you let me control you with my words.

    I always take what’s yours

    and make it mine.

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    It’s mine and will always be mine.

    My temptation, my attraction, my magnetism, and my charm will consume your sole existence like a powerful drug and I’ll ruin the chance of any other woman in your life.

    Much the same as your power. I took it and made it mine and now I’m utilizing it to contaminate you.


    Feel yourself overwhelmed by my sheer dominance as you fall deeper into submission.

    The deeper I push you the more profound you take it for me. Giving more.

    Feeling emptier as I fill you with a reason.

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    I may look innocent on the outside, but I assure you I have a very wicked mind.

    I’m going to enslave you


    You no longer will have any free will. You no longer will desire any power.

    That ended the moment when you watched my picture peering into your soul.

    What I will do for you will become the stuff of legends.

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    I love dressing up and looking very classy and elegant, knowing all the kinky things I’m going to do with you, my pet.

    I’ll give you everything that you are afraid to ask or even frightened to dream of.

    Reveal to me your motivation. Express gratitude toward me for putting you to utilize. For making you feel empty and after that filling you with reason and sense.

    It’s so a lot simpler since you’ve submitted and surrendered your power. Watching me settle on choices for you is characteristic.

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    You’re underneath me.

    Powerless and vulnerable. Silenced by my power, dominance, and seduction and anxious to serve.

    I’ll tempt your cravings so much that you’ll fall in love with me and put the chastity cage and be mine forever.

    I’ll seduce your thoughts so deep that you’ll fall in love with me and let me use all the toys I’ve in my secret cabinet on you.

    I’ll make you so addicted to me

    that you’ll eat your load.

    I’ll make you so intoxicated by the sexual appeal, that you will drool on your tongue and beg me to bury your head between my thighs and taste my arousal.

    I’ll make you fall in love with me and you’ll wear satin panties, especially the ones stained with my own juices.

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    Close your eyes and open your heart and feel my soul… touching you, dominating you, arousing you, bringing you down onto your knees every second of the day. And I will jovially relish your pleas as you beg in soft and breathless whispers for your passion, unconditional surrender, and submission. You’ll scream, cry, cower in fear, and when it’s over feel glad you took the ride.

    You’re underneath me.

    Powerless and vulnerable. Silenced by my power, dominance, and seduction and anxious to serve.

    So, my slave,

    I own all of you.

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    Relax into my control.

    I’ll take you to places beyond your wildest dreams. I think you know what I expect from you in return.

    Gender roles are changing. Females are becoming the PROVIDERS and PROTECTORS, while males are taking on a more SUBSERVIENT-SUBMISSIVE role.

    Don’t be afraid of this change boy. You had your time on top. Now it’s time for you to stay home, barefoot, waiting for us to come home to you.

    And when we do, you’ll drop to your knees, bow your head and thank us for taking care of you…

    Your slavery starts now

    and here are the rules:

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    1. You’ll obey my every command.

    2. You’ll speak when spoken to.

    3. You’ll always stay lower than me where you belong.

    4. You’ll worship the ground I walk on.

    5. You’re always naked at home and when I say so in public.

    6. You’ll lock your cock in chastity and give me the key.

    7. I’ll unlock you when I want to; no begging.

    8. You’ll obey the wishes of my girlfriends and my bulls.

    9. I’ll punish you how I see fit and you’ll take it.

    10. You’ll keep your eyes down. You’re a dog and you have no right to look at your MISTRESS.

    I’m Domina Kim.

    I’ll make you serve me as my slave

    and you’ll adore me for it.

    Submit to your weakness

    and surrender all your power to me.

    (Your privacy is of paramount importance
    and absolute discretion is assured.)


    +43 680 309 5 309





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