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I don’t need chains, cuffs or ropes to bind my sub. When I dominate your mind, your heart, and your body, you’ll willingly bind your soul to mine. Try it and you’ll never be the same again.

I look very sweet, but don’t fall for the glimmer in my eyes

because I’m a one way trip to heaven and lust.

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As an independent woman, I believe the role of men is to support, sustain and make women happy.

A woman in her power can easily bring out in a man his true nature: to love and adore her, dedicate his energy to make her happy, fulfill her needs.

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Kink has always been something I delighted in.

I found myself at a crossroads in my life and thought maybe I should check out something new, and it transformed me.

Instinct, creative mind, and understanding the psychology of the dynamic; Use of the toys, gear, and bondage is the simple stuff and I’m extraordinary in all of that.

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My strength is in the



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There are numerous procedures to place somebody in “subspace”— a perspective wherein your inhibitions and ego go totally out the window and you are overwhelmed by an absolutely submissive inclination.

One approach to achieve this state is by means of sexual desperation.

By building up excitement over time without sexual satisfaction, inevitably you achieve a point where your sexual wants become too overpowering to even think about handling—it is where you are happy doing anything for gratification, and right then and there, my control over you is absolute.

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I appreciate this kind of play since it draws these crazy responses out of the subs that make the session so arousing and memorable.

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I adore the majority of the fetishes and activities, so I wouldn’t state that I appreciate whipping more than CBT (cock and ball torture) or anything like that. I cherish everything.

In any case, I would state that what I specialize in is playing into the psychological part of BDSM.

BDSM is 80-90%


Any individual who is into sexual power dynamics, obsessions or fantasies is into the psychological aspect more than anything else.

They need somebody to truly get what their specific arousal is.

I take time to truly become acquainted with and understand their specific fantasies and fetishes, and I manifest that for them.

If you look at me, I’m beautiful.

Look again, I’m no more!

But if you can look into my heart … I’ll be forever beautiful.

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You’re filled with a sense of purpose. A need to serve, worship and obey me.

You cling on to my every word waiting to give me what I ask for next.

You want me to completely

take over and control you.

So used to barking out commands and having people listen to you.

The only thing I’m listening to are your pleas for me to take more. To make you feel more.

To fill you with purpose and remind you that beautiful women reduce you to a nervous puddle of sweat

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I want you to drip in desperation for your power loss. Beg to give me everything.

The only way to make yourself happy is to empty yourself completely.

Allow yourself to be empty, so you can fill yourself with purpose and revel in the feeling of being where you should be.

Powerless at the hands

of a beautiful woman like me.


Looking up at your Superior

and the power I radiate.

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Nothing is typical in this industry.

I have the amazingly rich to the regular person as my clients, and I appreciate them both.

When a client is in my dungeon, it truly doesn’t make a difference to me what they do or their identity in reality.

The majority of that is left at the door and they get the chance to move toward becoming something they long for and want, regardless of whether it’s to be a masochist, submissive, slave, prisoner, patient, and so forth.

Be that as it may, the consistent theme is almost certain to get away from the typical every day.

A few people go to spas, entertainment parks or the movies, others go to dungeons.

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This is me…I’m the best of both worlds. I’m that independent, focused, ambitious Queen.

I’m the boss.

I can handle my own and

I’m an alpha woman.

But at the same time, I know where to draw the line and to be a woman.

I have a soft, yet dominant side, with a golden heart.

I’m affectionate, passionate and extremely sexy.

I know how to take care of a man. I’m spiritual, selfless and understand the definition of unconditional love and dominance.

This is me… I’m the best of both worlds.

I’m not the type of woman

you play games with.

If you want me, you need to be smarter than that.

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I thrive off stability. I feed off positive energy and only surround myself with the truth.

If you want me, you have to do things

you’ve never done before.

If you’re lucky enough to get me, you must stay consistent. I’ll turn your weaknesses into strengths.

Anything you lack, I’ll provide. My passions will make you move mountains.

My integrity doesn’t allow just anyone to get closer.

After all, I know my worth.

If you want me, you need to be smarter than that.

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My courage is my crown

and I wear it like a Queen.

What I want is for you to give up that control you cling so tightly. I want you to forget who you are for a few moments and lose yourself in the feel of my hands and restraints I choose for you.

I want you so goddamn desperate for me to

Fuck Your Mind

that you’re begging me to fill your sole existence with my dominance.

Submit to your weakness

and surrender all your power to me.

(Your privacy is of paramount importance
and absolute discretion is assured.)


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