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Tease. Denial. FemDom.

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Domina Kim Vienna

You, who are always in a position of power, sometimes have a burning itch to shred that power and ache to be brought to your origin. Your genuine place throughout everyday life is where you have an urge to submit to a dominant woman.

Submitting to any beautiful woman is sexy. Submitting to a gorgeous woman like me, who can bring you down on your knees, push your limits, is an addiction capable to make you vulnerable. Surrendering all your power to me, your Domina, and submitting to your weakness is euphoric.

This is your time to relish your submissive mind and enjoy my dominance without the fear of society, and without the fear of being judged. Relax into my control. I don’t need chains, cuffs or ropes to bind you. When I dominate your mind, your heart, and your body, you will willingly bind your soul to mine.

I will take you to places

beyond your wildest dreams.

Try it. You will never be the same again.

“There is only one word to describe Domina Kim:  Inimitable! 

She is in a class of her own.”

Gabriel,  USA

Submit to your weakness
and surrender all your power to me.
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My strength is

in the TEASE and DENIAL play.

Nothing excites me more than to make you desperate, helpless, and embarrassed.

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Why should you try BDSM?

1. Better understanding of one’s body and sexual self;

2. Builds trust and intimacy;

3. Elicits the body to a new height;

4. Induces a spiritual high;

5. Provides a sense of identity;

6. Breaks the boredom of vanilla sex;

7. It’s fun!

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Your privacy is of paramount importance and absolute discretion is assured.

+43 680 309 5 309

1030 Vienna, Austria