Your game. My rules. TEASE. DENIAL. FEMDOM. Slide
I will train you obedience.

I will bring you high and then throw you low.

I’m gonna fuck your brain.

Are you a BDSM aspirant craving for a professional dominatrix with whom you can have sensational pleasurable moments?

Do you have an unquenchable lust for kink to engage in a Dom-sub role play?

Do you have a submissive mind which always desires to be tied, teased, and let her pleasures please you?

Want the game to continue to the extent where your stimulations are too much to be controlled?


I dare you to drive to the point of desperation where you urge, desire and crave to satisfy me. Because, when I command you in that insanely sexy and dominant way, you are left drooling on your lust to follow my commands immediately and indefinitely.

Domina Kim listed in:

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Domina Austria

Why should you try BDSM at least once?

1. Better Understanding Of One’s Body And Sexual Self

2. Builds Trust And Intimacy

3. Elicits the body to a new height

4. Induces A Spiritual High

5. Provides A Sense Of Identity

6. Breaks the boredom of vanilla sex

7. It’s fun!

This is your time to relish your submissive mind and enjoy my dominance without the fear of society,  and without the fear of being judged.

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I want to tie you up and do whatever I want to … (more)

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Prepared to obey, serve and worship me, your Mistress … (more)

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The more intelligent the girl, the darker the sensuality … (more)

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I’m the answer to your pain. You’re my answer to the need for it … (more)

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You no longer will have any free will. You no longer will desire any power … (more)

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You crave for girls who wear heels higher than your cock … (more)

I love surprises!

... and surprise tributes and gifts are always the key.

Submit to your weakness

and surrender all your power to me.

(Your privacy is of paramount importance and absolute discretion is assured.)




+43 680 309 5 309

Juchgasse 11/24, 1030 Vienna, Austria